Friday, 18 November 2011

A Buffy Season: 5: With Great Power Comes Great Inconvenience

So this show's about supernatural heroes as well as mundane ones, and even the mundane ones now have "secret identities" by association, as telling everybody you hunt monsters is not good for your safety or liberty.

So the practicalities of fighting the forces of evil on the down-low can make for interesting additions, with the obvious "nobody understands me" metaphorical dimension.

This gets even stronger when the PC having these problems is full-on supernatural as well. There are a whole lot of puberty metaphors in werewolf stories for a reason. Likewise there's a fair bit about the duties and responsibilities of the slayer in Buffy, and these are often about finding your own way to be a hero.

"Clark Kent has a job! I just want to go on a date!"


Example: Come Back To Bite You

What would a werewolf do if offered the chance to give away the power... without knowing who would pick it up and use it?

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