Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Buffy Season: Season Roundup Special Feature

Right then. That's ten thousand words.

And I haven't touched on the use of information NPCs like exposition guys, shady underworld contacts, untouchable human villains like Wolfram And Hart lawyers, weird occult things that speak in riddles.

Or much on the practicalities of casting your show - I always stayed within budget, and got into the habit of looking for up-and-coming British actors as well as occasional stunt casting. Strangely, "Casting by The Watch House" became a semi-regular feature on my LJ due to things like Sophia Myles starring in Moonlight, James McAvoy playing a psychic Oxbridge student and then the young Professor X, Emilia Fox as a mystical Big Bad from Arthurian mythology (albeit a different one) in Merlin, and Henry Cavill going from Captain Rugged to Superman.

Or about Buffy's occasional prophetic dreams, dream logic and surreal high fantasy episodes.


So. Questions, comments?


  1. I kind of suspect that if you'd done this last year, I'd have been a whole lot more confident in running my Watchers-in-training game that I had committed to running. As an overall Thing, it's been a very interesting look at putting together a well structured campaign. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  2. Sorry it came a bit late! And thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.