Friday, 18 May 2012

Serious People With Lightsabers

While prepping for Star Wars Episode XIX I've looked through art books and sites, read comics, and watched fan films. The latter are particularly interesting to me because I have some experience with guerrilla short filmmaking. The main result of this binge, however, is that I want to avoid too much stuff featuring Serious People With Lightsabers.

SPWL seems to be the largest single genre of Star Wars fan film, after "lightsaber fight with or without a plot introducing it", characterised by still having lightsaber fights, but also a fair bit of dialogue from people in robes discussing the nature of the Force, and little or no evidence that anyone involved has a sense of humour.

Sure, it models the last actual movie fairly accurately, but still...

I actually put a few bucks into a "lightsaber fight with or without a plot introducing it" fan film, Ryan Vs Dorkman 2, because it was a sequel to one that (a) was a really cool lightsaber fight with a lot of inventive ideas and moves and (b) had jokes.

If I were to write a Star Wars fan film, as I basically am in scribbled-actual-play-notes form, I'd want different kinds of action, a mix of heroic and villainous types, and I would definitely want some laughs.

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