Monday, 7 May 2012

Star Wars: Then And There

So I'm GMing this for the next few Sunday evenings, following on from this post, it got more enthusiasm in greater numbers (three to one, with one "I don't mind" abstention) than a more "standard" setting.

So, things it'll have:

Some "the more things change, the more they stay the same" but hopefully not as much as The Old Republic. The armoured goons you can fight off in droves will not look quite as much like Stormtroopers.

Not many Jedi, but a few here and there (including a PC). Not many Dark Side types either, and they'll be a bit different again. Not as many or as AWESOME! as the prequels. Enough for lightsaber fights in each movie, naturally.

Several good-ish sides and several villainous sides. New heroes, new villains, and new gigantic impractical superweapons.

A few cameos but not many. After all, it's a couple hundred years later. Hopefully the first one will raise a smile.

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