Thursday, 26 July 2012

Re: Reboot

A year on, DC’s New 52 strategy has paid off in sales terms for many of the bigger books, although there have been casualties along the way, and they’re still trying some weird niche books as well. But the partial reboot of the setting still bothers many. Hardly anything changed for Batman, Green Lantern or the Legion, while Superman and Wonder Woman are as different as Ultimate versions might be.

So what changes, what meshes, what doesn’t fit? When the different imprints already bring in multiple continuities, why not run with that?

(Here’s a random example - the Superman of the last iteration of the universe fought a Predator in a licensed crossover. So is this guy an homage, or is this a Predator from the New 52 universe? ;) )

Something to think about when restarting a game with some or all of the original players around the table. If everyone else is new, you’re free to use the old series as a “sourcebook”, to retool slightly or consider it all canon or to ditch it entirely, but what if someone wants to play a favourite character, or a variation of one?

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