Thursday, 12 July 2012

Spinoffs, Prequels, Untold Tales

Neil Gaiman is returning to tell an untold tale of The Sandman. It should be out for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first issue.

Before and especially since the series ended, it has produced a variety of unconnected stories, spinoffs by other writers, and some previous prequels like The Dream Hunters.

I’m not averse to spinning off - The Watch House is a spinoff of Buffy after all, and I borrowed its hook from SteveD’s The Night Watch. (I had other series ideas as well, that long-ago first session.) And I wouldn’t be opposed to prequels or sequels if I could get the band back together. There are a few episode ideas that never happened, after all.

What adventures would you run if you could revisit a game you’ve concluded?

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