Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hell Is A City

Vampire: The Requiem and the new World Of Darkness are eight years old tonight. So...

Notes towards my 2011-2012 chronicle Hell Is A City Much Like London.

Not using the Cull as mentioned here and there in the sourcebooks, but looking sidelong at it, at how vampire societies don’t last...

Actual Play coming soon. Not a full-bore transcript, but enough to follow.


Hell is a city much like London.
- Percy Bysshe Shelley, Peter Bell The Third

London By Night has been the domain of the Council since 1943.

Michael Talbot, Lord of Westminster, oversees political and civil activity.
Henry Sinclair, Lord of the Square Mile, steers finance.
David Fisher, Lord of Fleet Street, monitors the media.
Elizabeth Murray, Lady of the Halls, affects culture.
Doctor Thomas Lambert, Lord of the Colleges, watches education.
Edward Carter, Lord of the Tower, governs crime both Kindred and kine.

They took power after the former Master of the city was killed by mortal warfare. Talbot was foremost amongst his surviving childer, and thus able to take a number of responsibilities with the assistance of his allies.

Other figures of note include Father Samuel Collins of St. George’s Church Bloomsbury, and the Sibyl of Highgate, representatives of their respective vampire faiths.


The players and their characters

To involve them right away, everyone has a reason to investigate when things start to go wrong. They could work for the Tower, they could find it on their doorstep. One of them is the childe of a sire with no such privilege.

Time for personal agendas, private ways of hunting, and the like. But more time per session working together than apart.

An NPC in the coterie. Someone they can talk to. Not necessarily someone they can trust, of course...


Mortals and ghouls

Room for mortal and ghoul PCs, as well as prominent NPCs. Characters who haven’t deliberately distanced themselves from mortal life will know some, and others will start to take interest as the Council’s grip on power slips.

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