Saturday, 11 August 2012

The unmade movie of your series

100 Wonderful And Terrible (genre) Movies That Never Existed

From multiple Star Trek prequels to several Doctor Who adaptations to The Tourist to Guillermo Del Toro’s At The Mountains Of Madness there are plenty here to mourn - as well as a few to breathe a sigh of relief over, like the grossout comedy Green Lantern and the 80s Spider-Man that probably would have made the 70s TV series look spectacular.

As well as a source of unused plot hooks and the odd link to great shelved concept art, the idea of a radical reinterpretation could make for an interesting session in a suitably narrative-y game, where the players are happy to mess with their characters at an authorial distance. In a game with a sufficiently high Weird Level, it can even happen in continuity.

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