Monday, 20 May 2013

Buffy Games That I Have Known

As asked by prankster_dragon:

“Are there any obvious (or not-so-obvious) Cast set-ups for a Buffy game you’ve not used yet?”

So let’s see, from those I’ve done...

Watchers in training and other persons/things of interest in college.

A college band, where one of the members is a post-Chosen slayer or something like that. (Twice, and as the example for A Buffy Season! And it was in the list of options which lead to The Watch House too.)

Likewise, the growing-up metaphor shifted to the crappy first job - monster hunters working out of a pizza company.

A medium instead of a slayer as the focus of weirdness. Or someone finding a magic sword. Or...

Slightly combining the two above - a messenger service on a faultline between realities. Went a bit too high weird.

A reverse of the outsider vibe - a prep school, that like Hogwarts is full of secrets and dangers. Seeing how it has outsiders and strangeness as well.

First try, a purposely basic high school game about a slayer being called - but nobody has any idea why, because there’s a perfectly healthy slayer busy slaying somewhere else.

A group of people bound together by prophecy, because several generations ago their ancestors contained a great evil... but would you want to be defined by what your great-great-grandmother did?

A family of demon hunters (and in some cases demons...) so we get lots of awkward family rivalries on top of everything else.

A period slayer - the 50s in the case I used. Loses the immediacy of all this stuff happening NOW of course, while allowing more genre pastiches of retro B-movies and the like.

And as a player, I’ve wielded that magic sword, and played a post-Chosen slayer in a small and chaotic army of post-Chosen but pre-Season-Eight slayers.

I think that about covers it.

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