Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Giant Robot Spider

The Giant Robot Spider is one of the legendary bad ideas from Superman Lives, the legendary bad idea superhero movie to end all legendary bad idea superhero movies. The one with Nicolas Cage as Superman who dies and comes back wearing black and silver super-tech armour and wielding a laser gun, with no cape because capes are silly. That one.

But... the Giant Robot Spider could have looked pretty cool. And while the plot and Superman designs were indeed not my cup of tea, I could stand to watch Superman fight a Giant Robot Spider.

The Avengers fought a giant flying armoured eel. And it was TOTALLY AWESOME.

Something to consider next time you want a big fight in a game. (Not any game, obviously, but some games...)


  1. At least he would have been fighting aliens and cool stuff, and not just talking to Lex Luthor.