Monday, 20 May 2013


The final episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer aired ten years ago today.

(And the final episode of Angel aired nine years ago last week.)

I started The Watch House a few months later, now having the whole series as a sourcebook, setting it five years back to put it before a pivotal event that changed a big bit of the setting - let alone the events of Chosen itself. So it’s gone a long way to defining my gaming as well as my fandom, my ideas of heroism, and my twenties in general. (And to at least some extent my speech patterns.)

Which is why this game blog has such a not-connected-to-gaming-y name.

I’ve run and played a few games in the post-Chosen Buffyverse as well, although I’ve never run something as ambitious as Season Eight or Nine. Of course, when the comic seasons started in 2007, I joked about being tempted to carry on The Watch House as a comic after seven seasons. And then seven seasons happened, and I used that first pivotal event, and yes, at times I’m tempted to look for an artist...

And now, right now, I’m tempted to start another Buffy game...


  1. Are there any obvious (or not-so-obvious) Cast set-ups for a Buffy game you've not used yet?

    1. Feels like a post in itself...

    2. And now it is!