Monday, 1 July 2013

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to Ian, Derek, Siskoid, and everyone else who may be reading, Canadian-connected or otherwise!

When not playing that other North American country, Canada in popular culture tends to unspoiled wilderness, winter sports, Mounties, Sasquatch and of course Wolverine. There’s been a upswing in series set in Canada as well as shot there recently, however, with Continuum and Primeval: New World following Being Erica onto UK screens in the past couple years.

(Looks like Canada has more than its share of time travellers. No wonder anomalies have been appearing there...)

Unlike something like Due South (which aired here in prime time on BBC1) they happen to be Canadian rather than being all about Canadian-ness. Relevant Superhero Girl story. See also Canadian Golden Age comics.

This thread about RPGs set in Canada pointed out their rarity for those wanting to game Canada (pardon the pun). The only thing I’ve ever run set there, I think, is the published Werewolf: The Apocalypse adventure Rite Of Passage. I’ve never run Walker In The Wastes for Call Of Cthulhu, for one, or set anything there myself, partially as I’ve never visited.

When I run Primeval again I’ll have to drop in for a session at least...


  1. Why thank you kind sir!

    On other supplements being based in Canada, Please do not fixate on the rural wilderness. There are of course a number of cities up here too (although, I should say down here, as in relation to Edinburgh, Montreal is really rather far south). As the thread you linked to notes, I can think of 3 supplements/adventures based in Montreal off the top of my head (not that i have a Blog dedicated to such products or anything ;p)