Thursday, 18 July 2013

Who is the Death Dealer?

The Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta, the anonymous red-eyed warrior of a series of fantasy paintings.

Inspired by this RPGnet thread about how the official biographies in spinoff books and comics are a bit meh so Jackleg asks for suggestions across various genres. Not much to go on except a cool look including a closed helmet - worked for Boba Fett for years.

I offered five suggestions, two straight, one throwaway, one inspired by that huge statue of him in Fort Hood army base, and one a gag. I resisted more insane ideas, like a Terminator sent back to Viking times, but that would be one example of him intruding on a less obvious genre. The ancient vampire from the dawn of time would work in Buffy, for instance - less so in the World of Darkness because he’d be a bit conspicuous...

What might another piece of character art inspire?

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