Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What does your setting sound like?

Apparently Shadowrun Online is a thing that is happening. I mention this because they are holding a call for composers and as a result have a whole lot of SF/cyberpunk-y music gathered here.

Walter Machado’s work sort of fits the grindhousey Rob Zombie sound I associate with the game, that mix of Tim Bradstreet cool and Jeff Laubenstein caricature. Patrick Rose sounds more Mass Effect to me and Carlos Martin reminds me most of Bourne.

Interesting how associations build, some things seem to fit and some don’t.

I recently heard A Beast I Am, the official score album for Vampire: The Masquerade, and much of it doesn’t really fit for me. My mental Vampire soundtrack mixes bands quoted in the books, things I was listening to that have lyrics that might have been quoted, Godfather-style counterpointing classical music, and lots of kodo drumming, probably influenced by Graeme Revell’s score for The Crow. Hence the all-drums-all-the-time trailers I’ve made. Then again, I also think lots of drumming makes for a good urgent trailer anyway.

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