Thursday, 5 September 2013

Blood & Betrayal

And on the subject of ship-based LARPs, sadly I will not be attending LA By Night but I’m watching news about it with interest/envy. Its big draw is the launch of the new edition of MET Vampire: The Masquerade LARP rules, with a special premiere game, Blood & Betrayal, which is then going to be made available as a scenario for other events.

It naturally looks pretty big (tickets have run over two hundred) but should be scalable easily enough, as the outline includes several subplots as well as the main in-character reason for the gathering. (I’d drop at least one of them if I were running an adaptation myself, but never mind.)

The central plot hook - hunters are targeting vampires in the area suspiciously well, someone could be selling them out - is nice and solid, with plenty of opportunities for investigations, accusations, framing and witch hunts. In a tabletop version, I could easily imagine the PCs being the only group actively seeking the truth while almost everyone else uses it as an excuse to settle other scores...

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