Saturday, 28 September 2013

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

... has now started here, and will be back next week and the week after, so now I can temporarily un-cross my fingers and look at its RPG playability.

Pretty damn high.

Small group? Check. Eccentric specialists? Check. Neat mix of high tech and making it up as we go? Check. Option to bring in superhumans on both sides? Check. Wide remit which mostly boils down to dealing with “weird crap”? Check.

I have a faint idea what happens in the next couple, but am purposely avoiding spoilers, so for now here’s what I would put in a season of such a setup...

What’s up with Coulson being not dead?
Who Ward and May are. Likewise, are there more of the Rising Tide?
Who is behind Centipede? Thinking AIM or something similar.
A Marvel superhero from the comics to clash with and then team up.
A Marvel supervillain from the comics to clash with.

These are the obvious. Here are some possibles.

An invisible superspy. Because we have superspies and superspy-hunters, and invisible is not a stretch. Iron Man has one in his rogue’s gallery, I believe.
A previous alien visit. The Marvel Universe has several viable species, the MCU has a couple already and a lot more on the way.
Evil A.I. and/or killer robots. Might hold off on this as we have Avengers: Age Of Ultron on the way in 2015, but might not.
Sorta-supernatural monsters, like Blade and his pseudoscience vampires. May be a rights issue, but worth a shot for a Hallowe’en episode. Zombies caused by an experiment gone wrong?
Time travel - a visitor from elsewhen or a time warp catching some of the team.
A genre-bending episode. A straight-up comedy, for example. Probably in the back half of the season.
A holiday special. ;)

Gaming-wise, something that can cope with super-competent people and super-people, action-friendly and probably low on danger to the PCs. Like Buffy, say. Or Adventure! Or most superspy games.

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