Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sharing the spotlight

850 posts, and happy Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. day!

It won’t show here until Friday, so watching Avengers (Assemble) again to mark the occasion.

One of my favourite details is that all of the heroes each beat Loki in various ways throughout the story.

Cap ruins his big entrance, Thor punctures his inaccurate justifications, Fury turns his threats against him, the Black Widow and Stark both trick the trickster god (that’s gotta hurt), Coulson undermines his confidence while bleeding out, Hawkeye sabotages his “I caught your arrow, I’m so cool” moment by blowing him up, Selvig outsmarts him while mind-controlled, and the Hulk... well, you know.


  1. Yeah, it was on last night, but Tuesday is my gaming night, so I'll have to watch it online this evening. It was a hard choice to make!

    1. Apparently it's on again tonight in the US.

      We still have to wait for tomorrow. And Saturday. And Sunday. And technically twice the first two times with +2 services.