Monday, 19 May 2014

D&D 5 covers

Here we can see the three core books - none of which have dragons on the cover, strangely, leaving those for the Starter Set and the Tyranny Of Dragons adventure series.

Very dark-but-still-colourful, rather Dragon Age. Scenes of action and danger rather than characters posing.

The representative PCs on the various covers aren’t all white guys, which is nice too.

The most visually interesting points are that they’ve gone for full art, dispensing with the WODish “photo of a spellbook” styling of 3 and 3.5 which carried over slightly to 4 with the parchment spines, and the small D&D logo at the top with the full Dungeons & Dragons title off to one side on a small red flash... that looks oddly like the R. Talsorian Games logo...

Edit: the previously unreadable cover subtitles can be seen here and proclaim D&D “the world’s greatest roleplaying game”. HMPH.


  1. I like it; it's good to see fantasy RPGs tapping into more current things for inspiration; might get more new people into the hobby.

    1. Quite so, apart from the little red flash.