Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mary Anning

Normally random historical events marked by Google Doodles inspire Doctor Who plot hooks, but today I make an exception.

Mary Anning, our greatest fossil hunter, was born 215 years ago today.

And where dinosaurs are involved, my gaming thoughts tend more toward Primeval. (And Timewatch.)

The Natural History Museum hails her (and displays one of the huge fossil skeletons she unearthed) as well as a great many other fossils and artefacts likely to summon anomalies.

And she’d make a perfect educational Celebrity Historical for the show, alongside other figures in the history of paleontology and evolutionary theory like the ringleaders of the Bone Wars, and of course Darwin...

We have a full figure painting showing her in suitably heroic manner holding her pick, and as the Guardian article above shows we might - might - have a photo of her back. Abby waiting to get her autograph just out of shot.

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