Sunday, 4 May 2014

May the Fourth be with you

About time I discussed the return of Star Wars, I suppose, after the first cast and crew photo from Episode VII....

Of course I’m excited, and also nervous, seeing one of my formative myths passed on to my generation, and going with a blank slate rather than a story we knew in broad strokes already. (And to see Attack The Block hero John Boyega front and centre, along with Coen star Oscar Isaac and near-unknown fellow 48 Hour Film star Daisy Ridley. And Andy Serkis, the one addition to the cast I successfully predicted, being uncanny like that.)

The Expanded Universe is now essentially apocrypha, to be used for ideas like the Marvel movies use the comics. There will be new movie-verse novels and comics and such, as well as the Rebels TV series. (It starts with a Rebels prequel novel by John Jackson Miller, writer of the Knights Of The Old Republic comics starring Zayne Carrick which is the most consistently fun Star Wars series in a long time. Seriously, check out the first three years.)

I was there from just about the start (the West End Games RPG and the Dark Empire comics... and indeed the earlier Marvel comics, Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye and the Han Solo novels, which were retroactively brought in, giant green rabbit and all) but I’m happy to give the new films a fresh start. Movies need them, really.

This is also why the last time I ran a Star Wars game I set it centuries in the future, to have the freedom to put the PCs in starring roles and make up what we felt like, even with big EU fans at the table. As well as using concept spaceships and monsters from various designers, naturally.

So on the whole I’m looking forward to it. Cautiously.

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