Monday, 9 June 2014

An insight I could have happily avoided

So, this time a year ago today, I was breaking my arm.

(It lead to my 2012-3 game Starfall stopping a few sessions shy of a proper ending, among other things. I was on my way to a session, and helped to the Minor Injuries clinic by the players.)

And I got home to find Iain Banks had died.

Anyway, posting about my arm here as well as general blogging because, if nothing else, it gave me an insight into injury penalties. I got to feel what being at -2 dice to all actions for two weeks or so really felt like.

I had to sleep sitting up, and barely got any sleep. I felt unsteady, and my ankles swelled up on top of everything else. I never lost the use of my hand (my main hand, no less) so initially thought my falling was just a bad bruise, but had to lift my arm with my other hand to, for example, shave.

It really put those penalties into perspective.

And made me wish I could spend a Drama Point to halve the damage.

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