Monday, 9 June 2014

Greg Stolze on adapting Delta Green

From the RPGnet thread What game would you like to see turned into a TV series?

Man, I fantasize about writing for a DELTA GREEN TV series. But the cardinal rules I'd want to put down would be challenging, I suspect.

1) All scenes of people arguing are filmed like a Michael Bay fight, just cut-cut-cut and the cameras jumping all over the place.
2) All fight scenes are filmed from a single point of view.
3) You never see monsters clearly.
4) Consequences are super-permanent. That dude who gets shot in the leg in Season 1, Episode 3? He's still using a cane in Season 3. People who get badly hurt are now JUST THAT WAY.
5) From the first ep., everyone who really understands anything is betting on humanity losing, and says so quite clearly. Then, at the end of Season 4, we end the series with humanity losing.

And further:

Aw man, I figured out how you could do PROGENITOR as a movie or TV show, too. You start the narrative towards the end, with Amanda in her coma and then getting rewound back to her 1969-era mind and body before escaping. So now we've got the most powerful and important person of the 20th Century as an amnesiac finding out about all the crazy, crazy, crazy shit she did/caused/responded to. # # #

The cruelest conceivable way to do DELTA GREEN would be to have it like AMERICAN HORROR STORY with each season being completely disconnected, but also have each season end with a cliffhanger. 

You would just see these cells get deeper and deeper into their investgations, everything comes to a point of maximum tension and then... NOTHING.

Next season, start again with another cell and maybe just throw in an oblique reference or two to the previous one.

But even as I type this, I realize (1) it's psychotic, (2) it's vanishingly unlikely to get made, (3) it reeks of David Foster Wallace's belief that it's wrong, SO WRONG, for the writer to do anything to "comfort" the reader* and (4) it's going to leave viewers feeling as stupid as I felt after watching DRAG ME TO HELL, muttering "Wow, I didn't think that she'd actually wind up being dragged to hell." -G.

*Which, I suspect, means "do anything but show utter contempt for the 'average' reader."