Sunday, 15 June 2014

At what point does interactive theatre become a LARP, or vice versa?

Maybe it’s the point where the audience/players have specific characters and/or a win condition? Looks like it has the latter...

Edit: Morgan Davie reports -

oh heck, they've taken this to the Fringe? fascinating. It was a big thing in Auckland a year or so ago - completely independent of the LARP scene, sharing more of its origin with those walk-thru horror houses I think, or like the old Alien War thing.  
Your question about "why don't local LARPs do Fringe shows?" is a good one though. That's certainly the way I've been thinking down here. I think it's an underexplored space - but maybe someone who went to Knutpunkt might have an idea of movements in that area.

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