Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Both Vampire: The Masquerade computer games share...

Some things in common between Redemption and Bloodlines, some of which are natural resemblances caused by both drawing from Vampire: The Masquerade but some of which are just odd...

Setting norms:

Sewer levels for the Nosferatu, which are of course big fighty sewer levels you can’t avoid. (All levels in Redemption are like that, but Bloodlines was supposed to let you sneak or talk your way around more.)

A Tzimisce house that dripped blood, and a setpiece fight with a Vozhd (giant ghoul monster) because this lets the creators put in a weird monster.

A haunted house section. (In Redemption, stomping dozens of wraiths in the Tower of London is a purely tactical change, while in Bloodlines the Ocean House is a classic level full of great horror tricks.)

Zombies, provided by the Cappadocians and Giovanni.

A questgiver Prince, who is a Ventrue, and an asshole.

Special guest werewolf attack!

Weird specifics:

A redhead female kidnapped vampire called Lily. (This has to be a reference, surely...?)

A double-dealer called Mercurio.

A vampire who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances to do with experiments.

Giovanni shipping coffins.

Bonkers Inquisition types in their dozens.

Someone selling weapons out of the back of a van.

A Gargoyle.

Placing wire taps for a hacker.

Lots of Ventrue with automatic weapons in the penultimate battle.

A Tzimisce with horns and a weird accent who escapes one fight and pops up again in another.

A plot to steal power from the Ancients and subvert Gehenna.

The final villain being a huge weird-looking guy who turns into a giant bat. (Which is a canon ability, but a pretty rare one... so both of them going for it is a bit odd.)

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