Sunday, 7 September 2014

Vampire: The Requiem - Actual Play chapter 9


With the fundraiser, a meeting of the Kindred in Elysium, approaching, the coterie discuss their plans. Dr. Barrow, who avoided such events back in Carson City, is less than sure about this.

“What do we do at these things?” he asks.
“Not get killed,” Arthur suggests.
“Is that a... common occurrence?”
“It’s a time for vampires to meet and socialise,” Pavel explains. “It’s not the safest place.”
“Well, it’s that or go to Reno and get a blood junkie medium out of rehab.” Arthur shrugs. “Or was it precognitive? One of those.”
“Or talk to werewolves. They seem worried about the threat as well...” Pavel says.
“Is it just vampires who disappear?” Arthur asks.
“Do you want to go to a city that’s gone dark and find out?” Dr. Barrow asks.
“Maybe ghosts know something.” Arthur thinks.
“And how do we find out?” Pavel asks.
“Talk to a medium?
“... Oh yeah.”

Dr. Barrow sighs. “What else is real? Wizards? Gods?”
“Sure - ”
“Just one,” Pavel interjects.
“I preferred my first theory that we were a variant strain of porphyria.”
 “Sorry.” Arthur shrugs again.
“These things happen. Oh, by the way, would either of you mind if I extracted some bone marrow?”

Pavel and Arthur share a look.


“You’re being very good about this.”
“Hey, we both want to see what the Kindred body is capable of.” Arthur stops then, and winces as the scalpel goes into his arm.

“Now then... what are you...”


The tests are inconclusive, and Arthur’s marrow decays at an accelerated rate when stored.

“We saw that human do the same thing. Which is more unusual. Are you busy, or are you up for being tortured some more?”
“... What for?”
“Kindred bone marrow seems to be extraneous. So does it recover when you heal?”
“... Yeah, alright.”


Pavel, blissfully unaware of all this, visits the canon.

“So far as I am aware, only the Order of the Dragon have ventured into a city that fell silent, and they are not wont to share their findings. I know that skin-changers, like breathing Gangrel, lurk outside of cities, and I am sure that humans can touch the miraculous, perhaps more easily than we. I have never met a saint, but I do not discount them.”

On his way out, he finds another flyer on his car.

“The Mockingbird knows the way.”



“Apart from petty office politics and dubious art, what were we up to?” Dr. Barrow’s player.

Arthur’s player noted that tribulation is a Circle concern, so he actually volunteered for the bone marrow examination. I made them both roll Humanity for that. Both passed, so informed consent is clearly a factor...

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