Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Vampire: The Requiem - Actual Play chapter 7


“I guess we aren’t sick, since they didn’t kill us.” Pavel shrugs.
“That’s comforting,” Arthur deadpans.

Dr. Barrow considers for a moment. “The victim’s in the morgue, right? I may have to obfuscate in, mildly desecrate a body...”


They inform Jones. “Other cities that have gone dark... have human deaths spiked?”


Barrow manages to retrieve a sample of the dead man’s blood. It’s clotted and dark, as if it hadn’t been refrigerated properly.

“I can get this no trouble at all...” he mutters as he takes it to the lab, confirming the blood fridge there is empty again.


“Analysis found nothing unusual for week-old blood.”
“He died two days ago...” Pavel points out.

Arthur looks at the jar.

“Did you, ah... taste it?”
“Don’t do that...” 

The other two watch as Arthur scoops a little out with a finger and raises it to his tongue.

“That... is horrible.”

He spits it back out, goes to the sink to wash his mouth out.

“Right, I need to hunt to get that taste out. Then... ask the Circle, maybe?”
Pavel frowns. “This is something tangible, not only a matter of faith.”
“You have miracles too, right?”


The canon listens to Pavel’s description, his brow furrowed. “Not something I recognise, I fear.”

And when Pavel leaves, he steps out of the confessional and watches him go.


“You tasted it...” C says. “Okay, not kissing you at New Year’s...”
Arthur half smiles. “Anyway, the visiting werewolves said he was ‘sick’ with something mystical.”
“You boys have been busy. I’ll see if Mother Surnow has heard anything similar.”
“And in return?”
“Share of the credit if we save the day. A decent warning if we don’t.”


“What did you find?” Sal asks as she approaches Dr. Barrow, sitting in a folding chair in front of the fatberg.
“I wish I knew. A disease I can’t find under the microscope.”
“Disease? Perhaps the Mother would know more.”

He turns to look at her. She’s not there.


Elena meets up with Jones as he works on his laptop, watching the park.

“So what can you tell us?”

She catches his eye, and he starts to explain what happened quite thoroughly.

When he’s done, she hands him an envelope.

Tickets to Saturday’s charity performance at the Davies Symphony Hall. “Be sure to be prompt. Mr. Alvarez can only see so many people, and Lady Tiberia doesn’t like to be kept waiting. And a gift for the hostess might be wise too.”



A fairly short session, following up on leads and possibly getting into further trouble.

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