Saturday, 7 March 2015

A single figure for your game

This selection of vintage video game custom figures based on a handful of pixels reminded me of previous post like this one regarding toys and iconic representations of characters.

(Of course if this were a real line it would hit one of the classic blunders - just making one side, the heroes with no baddies to fight. Sure, Pitfall Harry can swing over pits in your garden and fight plastic alligators, but what about Short-Order Sam?)

Miniatures are the classic format in gaming for obvious reasons, but easily customised toys like Lego lend themselves to this, hence the D&D Kre-O sets, and my current Wednesday evening game has been immortalised in Playmobil.

(That said, I actually worked out how much ordering each individual bit to make an ideal Milli from TWH from a Lego individual bits site, and it came to more than I spent on the base for the 6” custom figure. Apparently pink hair is expensive.)

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