Monday, 2 March 2015

Random jumbled thoughts for GMing next year

With Conpulsion looming and the Nationals a week before that, I have three weeks of regular GMing on Sunday before that gap, then Easter, terms, that kind of thing. I have enough keen and non-studenty people that V20 can continue, possibly over the summer and to a second year, but the Buffy game has not picked up enough steam. So while I could happily take the afternoon off, my restless GMing mind turns to a possible game.

Probably going for a different genre -

SF maybe, Aeon if available, or something like Star Trek without the baggage a la Distant Stars.

Or fantasy, likely of the intrigue and violence rather than the adventure variety.


  1. I was going to run Distant Stars over the summer as well for much the same reason i.e. Star Trek without canon and fans to please.

    1. Hope it goes well. Sorry I can't commute to play it!

    2. It should go ok. I'm being sensible and running it invite only so we don't get a repeat of the uhm....unpleasantness,

    3. The Unpleasantness added some interesting texture... when viewed from a safe distance of years. But yeah, not reason enough to encourage more.