Thursday, 26 March 2015

Young Adult Dystopia

The Dystopian YA SF subgenre has now reached the point of:

(a) glorious parody

I hate to say it, but as the Chosen One, I'd actually think more than two boys would be interested in me.

Dystopian YA Novel

(b) newspaper think pieces on what the trend means

(c) baffling adverts
Welcome to your fascist dystopian young adult future, ruled over by a psychotic clown army whose propaganda dictates your every move, including your choice in fast food breakfast sandwiches. But you're young and attractive (and straight and white), so grab the person of your attraction, break free of the lines for mcmuffins or whatever, and run for your freedom! Blast some Ramones (a song about the Nazis no less!) and run! Escape from marxist clown soldiers, jump over a concrete wall and into a ball pit (!) and find the whole in the wall hiding behind our propaganda posters, and climb through to Taco Bell - which is a magical city in the Czech Republic or something, where a multi ethnic group of hip attractive young people lounge around on the streets and will greet you with some free Taco Bell breakfast taco wraps or whatever.
It's like the ultimate Hunger Games 1984 Muse Video Snowpiercer Ultimate Teen Dystopian Punk Rock Rebellion short film, to convince people that they should spend their money on breakfast burritos instead of breakfast biscuit sandwiches or whatever. It's like a parody commercial that would have been in Robocop, but it's for real.
I am just blown away.
Shawn Gaston, on RPGnet.

The Hunger Games hadn’t reached cinemas by the time The Watch House finished, otherwise I might have done a YA dystopia as the flash-forward to a nightmare future instead of a post-apocalypse Days Of Future Past setup. Maybe someday.

Probably without the guard tower with a slide built in, fun as that looks.

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