Friday, 10 April 2015

A player recap can give you a very different perspective

I made a point to have an editing round for The Watch House before posting the AP reports - especially useful when I couldn’t read my own transcriptions. One of the players (hello Rick!) recaps sessions of my current V20 game based on his notes, and it’s always interesting to note what does - and doesn’t - get flagged up. What is important to each player, what stands out for them?

And I can’t help but imagine how players would describe their rather different experiences in Game Of Thrones reflecting how the GM treats them...

Tyrion: I was denied any thanks for saving the city and my nephew plotted to have me killed.
Arya: I went on the run with one of our worst enemies, and arrived just in time to see my brother’s troops being murdered and fail to rescue him and our mother.
Jon: I had to kill one of my superiors to join the Wildlings, fell in love with one of them, and then when I got back I couldn’t kill an innocent to prove my loyalty so now she’s hunting me down.
Daenerys: I had the best knight in the world join my party, used my free point of Language: Old Valerian to get an army of slave ninjas to follow me, overthrew a dictatorship in one night and got a new boyfriend!
Everyone else: ...
Daenerys: What?

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