Wednesday, 22 April 2015


DC Super Hero Girls is a new development in female-friendly superhero works. Not sure what it says that two of the seven heroes are Batman spinoffs and two more are Batman villains, but never mind. It’s a pity Amethyst isn’t in the lineup, and that her cartoon was a one-off.

This could be a major step in bringing in potential fans who feel excluded. Or, if done badly, it could be a cringe-inducing mess, but let’s try and stay positive here.

How do you market to people who feel left out?

(I like that Batgirl’s yellow Docs from her recent awesome comics revamp make the jump.)


  1. Batman (and Supes, but to a lesser extent WonderWoman) is such a central part of the DC mythology that many many characters are first introduced through one of the hundred or so Batman titles.

    In fact, thinking about it, the absolute centrality of Batman in DC comic, and his inbuilt solitude may be a major contributing factor to the inability to get a good Justice League film off the ground.

    Although the number of teams built around or by Bats may belie his solitude to some extent.

    Without building this from a comment to a whole post in itself, Batgirl is an auto include, and Katana would have been one of my choices, even if I though her unlikely, plus the DC girl villains are more interesting than the heroines! ;)

    1. Still would have been nice to have one more character so the team is only 50% Batman characters. :D

    2. No, I get that, I just don't think DC has that capacity! ;)

  2. I had to look up Amethyst, I can guess they didn't include her as, well, people would have to go look her up! ;)