Sunday, 19 April 2015

"Reality, what's that?"

Joss Whedon on The Avengers, working within existing parameters, what comes next, exhaustion, and some Buffy and Firefly.

“The first question we always ask is: ‘What is the way in for someone who has never seen a superhero movie?’ You need to be thinking about everybody all the time.”

On the subject of reviving series, as is happening elsewhere:

“I love these shows,” he says. “And I think about it sometimes but I’m very wary of the monkey’s paw where something you love comes back but not quite as good. Firefly was filmed with a sword of Damocles over its head every episode. That meant every episode had to be as good as we could humanly make it. We didn’t have time to experiment or explore ideas that were just OK. We had to know what the next story needed to be. It drove us in a way we might not have been driven if we were in a place that had supported what we were doing. I think about revisiting a lot of those things but I also think, well, what else you got? I don’t want to be done creating new universes.”

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