Friday, 4 September 2015


Force Friday is upon us, revealing characters, ships and things like that. Those wishing to avoid spoilers best not look at this... or toy stores for the next three months...

The app-controlled BB-8 who rolls around and whose head stays in place for reals is being reviewed and freaked out over.

Be sure to check headlines in titles, because there are characters and vehicles from previous films and from Rebels as well as The Force Awakens. Yoda, Chopper and Ahsoka are probably not appearing in the new film.

No idea when we might see any of this in UK shops... yes I will be visiting Forbidden Planet in the afternoon... and yes of course I want the Nerf Blaster Rifle. (Although a Nerf Han Solo blaster pistol would beat it.)

I also like the BladeBuilders set that lets you make silly alternate lightsaber shapes. Because of course you would.

Micro Machines or the Titanium Series will do nicely until we get miniatures from FFG, starting with a new X-Wing set. Gonna want to see a scale on the character minis...

Similarly, not in that catalogue because they’re from Revell, SnapTite models!

Aieeee! FurBacca! Run!

Official Millennium Falcon drone flyer!

Looks like the classic 3 3/4” scale figures are fairly low on articulation (no elbow joints?!) but the designs all look good. Seriously, the original film toys couldn’t even manage a decent likeness of R2-D2.

Rather less acceptable in the 12” figures, especially with the 6” Black Series getting lots of articulation.

Spoiler-y observation ahead.

I especially like how un-flashy the Resistance Trooper is. He looks like he’d fit in the background of Episode IV perfectly.

I’m aware that I sound like a huge gabbling nerd here. I’m also doing my best not to get spoiled on the new film even as I want to play with all the new stuff it brings to the setting. Seriously, I expect to want to GM a Resistance era Star Wars game come New Year. I’ll be very sure to be done with my current figure era game before the release date.


  1. Judging from tonight's minor shopping spree, they're mostly out now.