Saturday, 19 September 2015

You want pirate plots? I give you pirate plots.

I give. Mainly I give links, but I also give Leverage joke.

Nate: So this guy’s built an empire on smuggling, stealing from docks and running honest traders out of business. He likes to see himself as a modern-day pirate.
Eliot: Yeah, I’ve dealt with actual modern pirates off the coast of Somalia -
Parker: Ooh! Did they have eyepatches?
Eliot: One of them would have needed to after -
Nate: Ahem. Anyway, my point is, he collects artefacts from the Golden Age of Piracy. He hits all the big auctions. And there’s one coming up very soon...
Sophie: So you’re thinking...
Nate: Let’s go steal a pirate treasure hoard .


Parker: Can I have an eyepatch?
Hardison: Surely you of all people fall on the Ninja side of Pirate Versus Ninja?
Parker: I like to keep my options open...

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