Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Librarians

The Librarians is a fun show.

(Though the UK DVD shows the episodes out of order while listing them in order on the menu, which did not help. At least they managed to get the opening two-parter and the season finale in the right place, just not the other seven episodes...)

It’s kind of a home team game for us, being a modern fantasy adventure show adapted by John Rogers and, as he has admitted, describing the characters with FATE Aspects and borrowing some structure from Cortex+ relationship maps in the writers’ room. It does at times feel like watching an Actual Play.

It cranks up the Weird Level from the original The Librarian TV movies, where the incidental weird (which included a giant TARDIS-y library and Excalibur as a recurring character) was generally light relief in fairly straight pulp adventure stories with a mystical artefact or two, but never to the point of Santa being a guest star.

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  1. Love Love Christian Kane in The Librarians and very excited about Season 3