Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Vengeance, Incorporated is a great name for a comics company

The name was Atlas Comics, but it came to be known as Vengeance, Incorporated. The brainchild of Marvel Comics founder and one-time owner Martin Goodman, Atlas was created with the sole purpose of running Goodman’s former company into the ground.

I had never heard of this before seeing the above article. I had seen references to Planet Of Vampires and Demon Hunter going to Marvel itself as Devil-Slayer before because that’s how I roll, but didn’t know their publishing origins.

It started due to a ruthless bastard business move by Stan Lee, returned in truly spectacular fashion.

That is... all kinds of messed up. Headhunting some of Marvel’s biggest names? Publishing direct expies of their best sellers? Calling yourself “The New House Of Ideas?” All three.

So naturally now I want to see at least some of these. :D

Although maybe skip the two Hulk knockoffs that both feature their protagonists eating children. Or the Spider-Man knockoff who eats some of his enemies. :/

With all the talent involved some of the comics must have worked. Did they build a workable superhero universe out of borrowed parts? (Someone has of course brought some of them back...)

Also, they missed a trick with the naming. I would totally keep a paycheque from Vengeance, Incorporated.

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  1. Update: Okay, just checked eBay on a whim and was able to buy The Scorpion issue 1 (the only one the original creator drew) for about as much as a brand new comic. Yikes.