Monday, 25 April 2016

Dead By Dawn 2016 aftermath and shorts

Isolation seems to be something of a theme this year. K-Shop and Yr Ymadiwad and are all about people going nuts due to isolation, while Decay, Der Bunker and Men And Chicken have people isolated because they’re nuts already but the isolation will not have helped. Astraea shows people recovering from too much time alone, standing out greatly in that respect.

And now, the short films. Some are mood pieces, some are jokes, and some are perfect for one-shots, just add stats.

Francis is a nice creepy little thing.
Other Lily manages to be unnerving as a cartoon.
Alt-Tab is some jokes.
Mute suggests a world where people have no mouths but still act like they should.
Frozen Blood Test is a gag.

La Seance (The Session) is, well, the Victorians were odd.
Death In Bloom asks about the options when choosing how to die.
How Deep Can I Go? is an, er, interesting music video. Play the song and see how quickly someone notices.
The House Is Innocent is a funny and touching documentary about moving into a murder house.
The Nest is a single take from David Cronenberg, almost pure story. In a Cronenbergy sort of way.

Boniato is a horror game one-shot ready to go.
Foxglove is changelings.
The Bridge Partner is a creepy little short story.
L’Ours Noir (The Black Bear) is a safety film in the manner of Forklift Operator Klaus.
Bad Throttle is a reminder not to annoy people...

Graffiti, like Astraea, looks at loneliness and hope in the quiet snowy end of the world.
The Disappearance Of Willie Bingham could be a Twilight Zone warning.
Monsters is a Future Schock.

Viking could be a Fiasco setup.
Honor Student is about how life sucks.
Black Eyes has horror-fu saving the day (hooray!)
De Kleinzoon (The Grandson) is an odd one.
The Babysitter Murders is a great pastiche, beautifully made with a kickass fight and a nice nasty joke.

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