Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Secret Identities

By dint of two shows spinning off from it and another two crossing over, and the first season being in an HMV offer, I am watching Arrow. And I don’t think the secret identity works. The hood and a bit of smeared eyeliner (and a voice modulator) isn’t really enough to conceal the recently-returned member of the most famous family in the city.

Partially this is a live-action adaptation issue with not wanting to hide the stars face too much, but I’m sure they could try a bit harder. Halfway through season one he helps kit out the Huntress, and she gets a mask. Meanwhile, the big villain whose identity has to be kept from the audience gets a full-face mask and hood and shape-disguising armour as well as a voice modulator. This works.

(The mask and blonde wig used by Black Canary in season two also works... although not as well as it might if she didn’t turn out to also be blonde under it, which makes it kind of odd. And Barry Allen addresses this head-on in the middle of season two... although the mask he provides isn’t much better than the warpaint. I know Green Arrow doesn’t cover the lower half of his face, but...)

I do like that they addressed the cops putting two and two together a mere four episodes into the series, and the genius hacker ally had more or less figured it out before being read in.

My favourite moment in Green Lantern was Carol recognising Hal after about eight seconds...

How much trouble do secret identities bring in your games?

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