Thursday, 14 April 2016

Playing the villain

This came up in the latest thread on how to deal with famous NPCs and plot immunity - What if Darth Vader is the PC, not the NPC?

Marvel are doing brisk business with this at the moment... showing a way that the often disastrous villain campaign could work. It has Vader dealing with rivals, political in-fighting - and the knowledge that his son survived and that hopes he had long crushed could be revived. This kind of backstabbing needs to be handled carefully to avoid the moment where all the villainous PCs turn on each other as soon as they have loot to divide, but Vampire does it fairly often...

He also has a (very small) number of allies he can really count on. With the death of Tarkin you couldn’t call any of them friends, but it’s something. A setup with one real villain and support could work better than a Secret Society Of Supervillains, if the players are up for it.

And it never forgets that, even as he pursues an agenda which will one day bring him home, he is a total bastard.

But for me... it was Tuesday.
Yeah, that could be fun...

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