Saturday, 15 October 2016

Betrayal At House On The Hill

I first played Betrayal At House On The Hill six years ago chez Steve D, and I thought for six years that there was another “The” in the title...

Anyway, it’s a tile-laying boardgame of exploring a supposedly haunted house where some way through the selection of things the PCs uncover trigger one of the PCs to Betrayal! It leans heavily on theme rather than mechanics for its fun, and it’s good to make time to play it a couple times just in case the twist results in the endgame being one-sided either way - you can end up with the Traitor having all the items they need to win and standing in just the right room to do it, or completely unable to reach what they need, although more balanced endgames are more common.

Physical components are nice - a few miniatures, shiny tiles, solid chits, sturdy box.

Might have to properly figure out and play sometime round Hallowe’en...

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