Friday 7 October 2016

RPG Blog Carnival: Potions

The RPG Blog Carnival, which I should really check more often, hits October, with a theme of Potions. Which is a bit less Hallowe’en-y than expected, but hey, witches.

Potions suggest fantasy, so naturally I immediately think of uses in other genres...

Urban fantasy can have magical brews played fairly straight... Maybe the magic spells advertised on eBay really work - or maybe just the ones on Etsy.

The classic potion in horror is Dr. Jekyll’s formula, a kind of science-ish lycanthropy that reveals the worst in human nature.

Superheroes, especially in the Golden Age, have a lot of science-ish serums and herbs granting amazing powers.

Putting those three sort of together...

Scientists develop a Hyde-style monster serum and a lab accident exposes them to it. Instead of just one, a modern lab full of half a dozen.

And let’s say it varies its effectiveness with the target. Some of them are mean drunks for one night, some of them have relapses... and one was already kind of a psycho, and feels that humanity would benefit from the formula and freedom from inhibitions. Can the PCs stop him before the entire city goes Hyde?

Or of course, there’s the classic of all classics, the Love Potion...

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