Friday, 28 October 2016

Harry Potter Miniature Game

Harry Potter Miniature Game coming in 2017 from Knight Models... hopefully they have the more today Fantastic Beasts licence as well.

Knight make gorgeous 30mm+ miniatures, including a Star Wars line I never heard about until it was discontinued and a Batman line including Animated Series versions. I haven’t played any of their games though.

Harry Potter never got an RPG because, as I understand it, J.K. Rowling didn’t want other people writing sourcebooks and adventures in her setting for publication. (Apologies if that’s not the case.) Not a problem with a miniatures game, so it’s nice to see something along these lines.


  1. Well...didn't see that one coming. Looks cool though!

    1. I'm sure the figures will be great, we'll see about the game. :)

  2. Its a pity she thinks that (if true) as Harry Potter would make a fun RPG setting. Well I'd enjoy playing in it.

    Oh well guess there's nothing to stop anyone doing a serial numbers cursed off version :p