Friday, 28 April 2017

Enlightenment In Blood character creation

I just made my character for the big LARP at World Of Darkness Berlin, picking a group that let me (a) explore solo and (b) not have a smartphone. Being an outsider who was staked in the heart and left for a couple years excuses a lot...

The process was quite interesting - take a faction, then an archetype, then a character type, then an agenda, then answer some questions about what you want to see.

In my case it wasn’t helped by leaving it a couple weeks, so a number of the twenty available factions were already full. (And it seemed there was one faction with unlimited slots, but all the character archetypes in it were taken.) This left me with a dramatic intro, though it limited some of my options like an agenda I probably won’t play too much. I’ll share some more details after the event.

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