Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Conpulsion Battleground Quiz Answers

Because you would probably demand these too...

Let Battle Commence!

Warhammer 40,000 (the set is called Dark Vengeance so I gave that a point too)
Warpath (and apparently he’s not in the Deadzone starter even though he’s on the box)
D&D Attack Wing (1/2 point for D&D)
Blood Rage

Name That Battleground!
1 Yavin IV: Star Wars
2 New Caprica: Battlestar Galactica
3 The Three Armies: Galavant (there’s also one in A Song Of Ice And Fire, and one in history, but answers on the sheet!)
4 Sokovia: Avengers: Age Of Ultron
5 The Five Armies: The Hobbit
6 Sunnydale High: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
7 Ganymede: The Expanse
8 Canary Wharf: Doctor Who
9 Wolf 359: Star Trek: The Next Generation
10 The Bastards: Game Of Thrones

Roleplaying Games

1: In the Dungeons And Dragons 5th edition adventure is it HOARD of the Dragon Queen as in treasure or HORDE as in army? Hoard
2: Year Without A Summer is a Dark Eras historic setting for which Chronicles Of Darkness game? Promethean: The Created
3: Name the Steampunk Wild West setting for Pathfinder? Westbound (half the teams said Deadlands)
4: Which GUMSHOE game features art in the second edition by Griffinologist Faye Sutherland? Fear Itself (a lot of other GUMSHOE game guesses)
5: Which generic system is the Discworld RPG powered by? GURPS
6: Which Cubicle 7 RPG is based on a world created by Joe Dever? Lone Wolf
7: Which RPG focuses on the 588th Night Bomber Regiment? Night Witches (a question I also asked last year, but it seemed applicable...)
8: Tails Of Equestria is the storytelling game based on which series? My Little Pony
9: Andy Law’s maps for which fantasy city setting won an ENnie award? Freeport
10: Anarchy is the rules-light-er alternative system for which RPG? Shadowrun

Board, Card and Dice Games

1: The Magic: The Gathering set WHAT for Zendikar was released in 2015? Battle (see, relevant!)
2: Widow’s Walk is the first expansion for which board game? Betrayal At House On The Hill
3: Which is NOT a Dice Masters set? HeroClix, Justice League, Spider-Man, Yu-Gi-Oh? HeroClix
4: The Marcy Case and Prophecy Of Dragons are expansions for which board game? T.I.M.E. Stories
5: The biggest ship in MB’s Battleship is not the Battleship. What is it? Carrier (I gave a point for Aircraft Carrier)
6: Which is NOT a Rory’s Story Cubes set? Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Moomins? Star Trek
7: Name the boardgame inspired by the art of Jakub Rozalski? Scythe
8: Firefly “The Game” is one of nine Firefly games currently available. Is that more or less than there are episodes of Firefly? Less (Give it time...)
9: Horus and Ra appear on dice in which Yay! Games game? Ominoes
10: The Designer’s Edition of which Steve Jackson Games boardgame is so heavy that it comes with the warning “team lift for your safety”? Ogre (It’s sixteen kilograms!)

Film And TV

1: In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, name Cassian’s droid? K-S2O
2: Name BBC Three’s Doctor Who spinoff set at Coal Hill Academy? Class
3: In Captain America: Civil War, how much paprika goes in the recipe the Vision is trying to follow? “A pinch...”
4: In Stranger Things, which D&D monster name do the kids give the creature from the Upside Down? Demogorgon
5: What does Ian nickname the Heptapods in Arrival? Abbott and Costello
6: In Person Of Interest, name the Machine’s rival A.I.? Samaritan (No-one got this. Boo. BOO.)
7: In Star Trek Beyond, name the lost Starfleet ship, NX-236? USS Franklin
8: Which Scottish band created the soundtrack for The Returned? Mogwai
9: In Star Wars Rebels, name Ezra’s home planet? Lothal
10: “Monsters come in many forms” at 10 WHAT Lane? Cloverfield

Books and Comics

1: Use Of Weapons by Iain M. Banks features which of his settings? The Culture
2: True or False: This Census-Taker by China MiƩville is part of the Bas-Lag series? False
3: Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors and Fiends Of The Eastern Front are war stories from which SF anthology comic? 2000 A.D.
4: Frances Hardinge won the 2015 Costa Book prize with which fantasy novel? The Lie Tree
5: Who wrote the Poseidon’s Children trilogy? Alastair Reynolds
6: In the Marvel Universe, which came first? Civil War, Infinity War, Secret Wars? Secret Wars (The only one Brian read under the covers with a torch)
7: Anne Rice’s latest novel is Prince Lestat And The Realms Of WHERE? Atlantis (The question that made Brian crack up, not unreasonably I think)
8: Chuck Wendig’s trilogy Aftermath, Life Debt and Empire’s End is based in which setting? Star Wars
9: Which DC soldier first appeared in Our Army At War #83? Sgt. Rock
10: Another Battle Of Koom Valley could potentially start in which Discworld novel? Thud!


1: Battle Abbey was built on the site of which battle? Hastings
2: Which SF author also wrote the early wargame rulebook Little Wars? H.G. Wells
3: In which city was Richard III’s skeleton found in 2012 under a carpark? Leicester (one team went for Brian’s bonus point for estimating how much it cost to move and rebury him)
4: The X-Wing game’s logo is red, except for sets from The Force Awakens. What colour is it then? Blue
5: The War of Jenkins’ Ear was between Britain and which other empire? Spain
6: Which came first: (a) Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre or (b) Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill? a.
7: Which Edinburgh High Street pub is named for the Scots soldier who captured a regimental eagle at Waterloo? Ensign Ewart
8: Dungeons & Dragons began as a spinoff from which wargame? Chainmail
9: According to Shakespeare, which wood came to Dunsinane? Birnam
10: 2014 was which anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn? 700

So, there we are. Some easy questions and some tricky questions (I think), some Conpulsion guest questions, and some questions that are in there to get a laugh.

The winning team scored 47 out of 65. Could you do better?

And yes, I know you’re on the internet so you can look everything up.


  1. Well, yeah. How am I supposed to see how I did without the answers?

    40/65 on my own. Goddamnit, in a team I'd have stood a chance of winning this year. Or at least of beating Gregor. ;)

    1. Gregor's team didn't even win, despite hugeness. :)