Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Conpulsion Battlegrounds Quiz

Because you demanded it! (Well, because Stew requested it!)

First, the Picture Round. Which apparently I did wrong because Mantic recycled a figure. Damn it.

Next, the handout round:

Name That Battleground!
Match the battle to the film or series where it happens!

1 Yavin IV
2 New Caprica
3 The Three Armies
4 Sokovia
5 The Five Armies
6 Sunnydale High
7 Ganymede
8 Canary Wharf
9 Wolf 359
10 The Bastards

Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, The Expanse, Galavant, Game Of Thrones, The Hobbit, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars

Roleplaying Games

1: In the Dungeons And Dragons 5th edition adventure is it HOARD of the Dragon Queen as in treasure or HORDE as in army?
2: Year Without A Summer is a Dark Eras historic setting for which Chronicles Of Darkness game?
3: Name the Steampunk Wild West setting for Pathfinder?
4: Which GUMSHOE game features art in the second edition by Griffinologist Faye Sutherland?
5: Which generic system is the Discworld RPG powered by?
6: Which Cubicle 7 RPG is based on a world created by Joe Dever?
7: Which RPG focuses on the 588th Night Bomber Regiment?
8: Tails Of Equestria is the storytelling game based on which series?
9: Andy Law’s maps for which fantasy city setting won an ENnie award?
10: Anarchy is the rules-light-er alternative system for which RPG?

Board, Card and Dice Games

1: The Magic: The Gathering set WHAT for Zendikar was released in 2015?
2: Widow’s Walk is the first expansion for which board game?
3: Which is NOT a Dice Masters set? HeroClix, Justice League, Spider-Man, Yu-Gi-Oh?
4: The Marcy Case and Prophecy Of Dragons are expansions for which board game?
5: The biggest ship in MB’s Battleship is not the Battleship. What is it?
6: Which is NOT a Rory’s Story Cubes set? Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Moomins?
7: Name the boardgame inspired by the art of Jakub Rozalski?
8: Firefly “The Game” is one of nine Firefly games currently available. Is that more or less than there are episodes of Firefly?
9: Horus and Ra appear on dice in which Yay! Games game?
10: The Designer’s Edition of which Steve Jackson Games boardgame is so heavy that it comes with the warning “team lift for your safety”?

Film And TV

1: In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, name Cassian’s droid?
2: Name BBC Three’s Doctor Who spinoff set at Coal Hill Academy?
3: In Captain America: Civil War, how much paprika goes in the recipe the Vision is trying to follow?
4: In Stranger Things, which D&D monster name do the kids give the creature from the Upside Down?
5: What does Ian nickname the Heptapods in Arrival?
6: In Person Of Interest, name the Machine’s rival A.I.?
7: In Star Trek Beyond, name the lost Starfleet ship, NX-236?
8: Which Scottish band created the soundtrack for The Returned?
9: In Star Wars Rebels, name Ezra’s home planet?
10: “Monsters come in many forms” at 10 WHAT Lane?

Books and Comics

1: Use Of Weapons by Iain M. Banks features which of his settings?
2: True or False: This Census-Taker by China MiƩville is part of the Bas-Lag series?
3: Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors and Fiends Of The Eastern Front are war stories from which SF anthology comic?
4: Frances Hardinge won the 2015 Costa Book prize with which fantasy novel?
5: Who wrote the Poseidon’s Children trilogy?
6: In the Marvel Universe, which came first? Civil War, Infinity War, Secret Wars?
7: Anne Rice’s latest novel is Prince Lestat And The Realms Of WHERE?
8: Chuck Wendig’s trilogy Aftermath, Life Debt and Empire’s End is based in which setting?
9: Which DC soldier first appeared in Our Army At War #83?
10: Another Battle Of Koom Valley could potentially start in which Discworld novel?


1: Battle Abbey was built on the site of which battle?
2: Which SF author also wrote the early wargame rulebook Little Wars?
3: In which city was Richard III’s skeleton found in 2012 under a carpark?
4: The X-Wing game’s logo is red, except for sets from The Force Awakens. What colour is it then?
5: The War of Jenkins’ Ear was between Britain and which other empire?
6: Which came first: (a) Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre or (b) Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill?
7: Which Edinburgh High Street pub is named for the Scots soldier who captured a regimental eagle at Waterloo?
8: Dungeons & Dragons began as a spinoff from which wargame?
9: According to Shakespeare, which wood came to Dunsinane?
10: 2014 was which anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn?

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  1. Yeah, 'demanded' might be a bit strong. More a suggestion at a bus stop :D

    It's always fun to see the questions you come up with. Some of them are properly evil.