Sunday, 25 June 2017

A source for Mage ideas?

Does anyone have a list of 20-30 random titles that I can use as a starting point for Mage: The Ascension story hooks?

Edit: I asked the book of faces, and the first specific suggestion I got was from Bruce Baugh, so he wins. (And not just because he worked on the Revised rulebook and wrote the last novel for the setting!)
Song titles by Karnataka, or Birthday Massacre, or Barock Project would do nicely. Or Hugo/Nebula-nominated and -winning short fiction. Or Rhysling Award winners and nominees.
The Birthday Massacre were seconded, so go with them. Coming soon as I can get them done!

Also suggested: Houses Of The Holy (by Crian), Discworld novels (by Karen) and Elric stories (by my brother).

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