Friday, 2 June 2017

D&D: Stream Of Annihilation

A livestreaming weekend for D&D, featuring Wizards Of The Coast creators and staff, fans, voice actors and more.

Unlike most RPG livestreams I’ve seen they’re all in the same room - and indeed in a purpose-built “living room” set - rather than playing via webcam from their homes.

Naturally I start thinking about what other RPG events could be shown like this. Livestreaming started with video games, and there are boardgame and wargame streams out there too.

My first thought would be LARP, which may be hypocritical of me as I complain about how much coverage it gets because it’s more visually interesting than tabletop, but hey, it might be lingering positivity after World Of Darkness Berlin. I could imagine someone bringing a camera in-character to something like Enlightenment In Blood or End Of The Line resulting in an improvised found-footage movie.

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