Sunday, 6 August 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 6: You can game every day for a week...

#RPGaDay 2017

6: You can game every day for a week. Describe what you’d do!

I feel like this should have been question 7...

It depends who’s available to play or GM.

(Nearly got through a week without an “it depends” answer! Oh well.)

I actually did this in the spring sharing a cottage in the Highlands, and because the organiser had a bag full of one-shot indie games he never got to run we mostly played one-shot indie games.

If I organised such a retreat I would plan something like a mini-campaign in the evenings, much like my one-term-only campaigns covering as much story as a busy movie or a shortish trilogy, and see what else people would like to do in the afternoons.

Ah, but what would I run? That depends who’s there too.

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