Wednesday, 25 July 2018

A big look at VtM 5

Darker Days Radio talk to Karim Muammar and Matthew Dawkins, for over an hour and fifty minutes.

Various notes:

Banu Haqim rather than Assamites and a multi-faith Ministry which includes the Followers of Set rather than them being the entire clan.

Also the Church of Caine, those lovely people first seen in Enlightenment In Blood.

Hunger Dice, Messy Criticals - and avoiding them if you have enough dice to take half for a basic success. And ways to scale them depending how often your table rolls.

Blood Potency as well as Generation, with Generation being a cap on Potency.

The Second Inquisition took down every vampire in London... except one big faction... and some they missed... which sounds like a big deal but consider that every vampire in London is about 100. For now, London is closed, but will it always be?

Edit: the preview playthrough is up.

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