Tuesday, 10 July 2018

RAF 100

Today marks the centenary of the Royal Air Force. Formed near the end of the First World War from Army and Navy pilots, and known for Their Finest Hour during the Battle of Britain.

I’ve run games where fighter pilots featured, notably my nBSG-inspired military SF series The Stars On Fire, but never quite centrally. I’ve never run Night Witches, for example.

This is partially because I’m just not that good at tactical combat, let alone when you add a third dimension to it. I’m like Khan in that respect. That one respect.

I’ve also played pilots, often in Star Wars but those usually controlling bigger ships. I’ve never played an X-Wing pilot, which is a childhood dream! The problem is getting someone in a solo fighter to take part in group adventures sensibly. Note how much time Luke, Anakin or Poe spend in their fighters compared to on the ground.

I also played fictional pre-RAF fighter pilot Biggles in an Adventure! series - though again I controlled a plane for two whole scenes of the game.

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